My O-W-N Fit Life

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Dr. Brad Lustick - Wellness Coach & NETA Certified Personal Trainer

An accident related back injury led to my retirement from a long, successful chiropractic back pain and wellness practice. Later, at age 51, my health was further challenged by a heart arrhythmia leading to severe congestive heart failure. Today, I am healthy and fit. After years of helping others in a clinical setting, I personally had to conquer my own serious physical limitations and obstacles to wellness. Ive since created the "My O-W-N Fit Life Program" to be a comprehensive and scientifically sound approach to helping others overcome obstacles to reaching their own health and fitness goals.

My Own Obstacles

  • Obstacle 1: In 1992 I was disabled from my chiropractic practice due to a serious low back impairment resulting from an automobile accident. This was followed by weight gain and lumbar disk degeneration.
  • Obstacle 2: In March 2008 I had a near death experience resulting from Grade IV Congestive Heart Failure concurrent with a cardiac arrhythmia. I was drowning in my own fluids and doctors contemplated a heart transplant. In the interim I was treated via invasive medical procedures and given strong medication to alleviate the out-of-control heartbeat. Faith in my body's own recuperative powers resulted in my quest for self-healing and wellness. Sheer determination, a modified lifestyle and the best of nutritional science enabled me to take back control of my life and energy. Since that experience, I've gradually improved my state of wellness to a point whereby toxic, high-dosed medications are no longer necessary.
  • Obstacle 3: During my cardiac incident, the immobility and disability led to severe degeneration in the cartilages of my right knee and a bout with plantar fasciitis.

Results and Personal Dedication

I know what it is like to feel ill and debilitated. Yet, I also know how great it feels to be well again. I have reached a level of fitness and well being equal to that of others half my age. I feel full of vital energy and have an endurance level that is off the charts. My back pain is currently stable, my knee pain is gone and the plantar fasciitis has subsided. In the quest to overcome my obstacles and improve my health I've lost almost 70 lbs., dropped 4 pant sizes and took 10 inches off my waistline. I no longer awake with morning stiffness or pain of arthritis.

I've dedicated my life to helping others achieve a better state-of-wellness, regardless of limitations and current state-of-health. My concepts integrate western and eastern philosophies of fitness and healthy living, as well as tap the resources of both conventional and alternative medicine. My clients will learn to live well and be well, work toward current health and fitness goals, and overcome obstacles along the way.

Know Your Coach

The Fountain Of Youth

Ponce de Leon searched for the "fountain of youth" but never found it. He was looking in the wrong place. The power to feel youthful throughout our lives is Gods intention and exists within all of us. Researchers in life prolongation have determined that our bodies were designed to live and be sexually active for 130 years. The process of rebuilding a healthy, nimble body to assure longevity begins in the mind. You must conceive it and believe it to achieve it. Be assured that the power to do so is within your grasp. Begin a quest to renew yourself and obtain a vibrant, youthful state of well-being. You may not be a fitness fanatic, and the thought of living like a health nut to age 100+ may not be what you fancy. However, everyone wants to feel good and live with gusto. Your valiant effort will entitle you to do so. Wed love to help you be well.