My O-W-N Fit Life

   Obstacle circumvention
   Wellness achievement
   Nimble body fitness

Cost of My Own Fit Life Programs

Initial consult/history (face to face - $25 for 30 minutes): provides an opportunity to obtain a visual portrait of your personal health as well as gather information that will be utilized to develop a customized plan for achieving "Your Own Fit Life".

Plan Development Including Initial Fit/Well Session
Level I: $150 (healthy individuals with perhaps minor musculo-skeletal issues, yet without obesity, cardio-vascular conditions, cancer or other serious illness).
Level 2: $250 (for individuals who are debilitated, severely obese, or those suffering or recovering from rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, cardio-vascular conditions, cancer or other serious afflictions).

Price is dependent on condition and degree of physical impairment and the time necessary to develop a customized program. Thus, cost varies as a function of an individual's specific needs and state of health.
This Initial Workup includes: (1) a comprehensive initial session to explain the details of your customized, personal program, (2) a visit to your home for a lifestyle assessment, (3) a trip to the grocery store for shopping behavior modification, and (4) at this time we will also schedule your included initial fit/well session.

After the initial fit/well session, we will ask for your commitment to our 60 day kick start program. Your approval of such is a pre-requisite for us to accept you as a client.

Fit/Well - Personal Training and Exercise Sessions
All clients accepted into our kick start program are assured either TWO 1.5 hour fit/well sessions per week or THREE 1 hour sessions per week. Although you are only spending 2 to 3 days per week in such coaching sessions, you may be asked to perform certain prescribed exercises 5-6 days per week. All participants are entitled to a weekly 8 minute pep talk and Q & A phone consult at no extra charge (additional 911 calls will incur a charge of $1.00 per minute).

Fit/Well Sessions Pricing (Mon-Sat)
Individual Fit/Well Session $90 /hr or $125 /1.5 hrs
Couple Fit/Well Session $99 /hr or $139 /1.5 hrs
Buddy Fit/Well Session (2 persons not living in the same household) $140 /hr or $175 / 1.5 hrs

Missed or Cancelled Sessions
Sessions missed or cancelled without 48 hours notice shall be charged at full price. Missed sessions may be made up on Saturday or Sunday at a 20% up charge.

Discounts Available
4 sessions paid in advance earn a 10% discount
8 sessions paid in advance earn a 15% discount
Pay whole 60 day kick start program in advance and receive a 20% discount
Refer a new client and earn a complimentary session for yourself.

Travel Considerations
Houston, TX: travel greater than 25 miles from 14027 Memorial Dr. Houston, TX 77079 incurs a travel charge of $1 per mile.
Salt Lake City, UT: travel greater than 25 miles from the Utah State Capital Bldg. will incur a travel charge of $1 per mile.

Know Your Coach

Dr. Brad Lustick - age 56
Holistic Wellness Coaching
Certified Personal Fitness Training

An accident related back injury led to my retirement from a long, successful chiropractic back pain and wellness practice. Later, at age 51, my health was further challenged by a heart arrhythmia leading to severe congestive heart failure. Today, I am healthy and fit. After years of helping others in a clinical setting, I personally had to conquer my own serious physical limitations and obstacles to wellness. Ive since created the "My O-W-N Fit Life Program" to be a comprehensive and scientifically sound approach to helping others overcome obstacles to reaching their own health and fitness goals - more info

The Fountain Of Youth

Ponce de Leon searched for the "fountain of youth" but never found it. He was looking in the wrong place. The power to feel youthful throughout our lives is Gods intention and exists within all of us. Researchers in life prolongation have determined that our bodies were designed to live and be sexually active for 130 years. The process of rebuilding a healthy, nimble body to assure longevity begins in the mind. You must conceive it and believe it to achieve it. Be assured that the power to do so is within your grasp. Begin a quest to renew yourself and obtain a vibrant, youthful state of well-being. You may not be a fitness fanatic, and the thought of living like a health nut to age 100+ may not be what you fancy. However, everyone wants to feel good and live with gusto. Your valiant effort will entitle you to do so. Wed love to help you be well and fit.