My O-W-N Fit Life

   Obstacle circumvention
   Wellness achievement
   Nimble body fitness

Radiate Energy - Feel Youthful - Look Great

My O-W-N Fit Life Programs utilize motivational psychology, lifestyle modification, advanced nutrition and exercise science to obtain the following list of benefits and goals. Studies show that by utilizing proper protocol, fitness can continually improve and one can be well at any age.

  • improving wellness and fitness of the 40+
  • specializing in challenging cases
  • living life with passion
  • overcoming difficult obstacles
  • achieving peak fitness
  • being older but never old (senior fitness)
  • reaching desired weight loss goals
  • maintaining lean muscle mass
  • improving cardiac output
  • training for balance and fall prevention
  • conquering restrictions from arthritis and old injuries

Getting Started | Our Methods

Fitness and Nutrition Consult (30 minutes): session includes a face-to-face discussion to establish a portrait of your current state of wellness. Bring a 1 week diary or record of food/drink consumption and list of any medical diagnoses for conditions that impair your lifestyle.

40+ wellness clients Comprehensive Work-up of Nutrition and Fitness Plan: we will help you develop a customized plan to achieve your health and fitness goals by offering eating recommendations and an individually designed fitness program to target your goals.

Professional Level Exercise Training: doctorate level credentials and one-on-one personalized attention make our approach to exercise science second to none. Experience progressive, functional and performance training to reach new limits, overcome current physical limitations and eliminate chronic pain. If you suffer with arthritis, old injuries or are recovering from a cardio-vascular event, our expertise can be invaluable in getting you back in action. We will gladly work alongside your physician.

Home Visit / Lifestyle Makeover: your coach will personally visit your home to help you adopt positive changes to your daily routine and suggest a fresh approach to stocking your kitchen with healthy alternatives. Concurrent evaluation of the ergonomic protocol for your home office will also take place, if applicable.

Healthy Grocery Shopping

Grocery Store Tour: together we will shop your local grocery store whereby you will be given quick and easy tips for prudent shopping, label reading and a customized selection of healthy foods. We will discuss delicious and healthy substitutes that you likely never knew existed.

Nutritional Protocol, Supplements and Eating Out: get the skinny on dining out, portion control, sports performance nutrition, stress/emotional eating, eating on the run, vacation meals, lowering cholesterol, osteoporosis, vitamin/mineral supplements, and more.

What's Your Motivation?

Motivate yourself and others To feel better with every birthday
To remain self-reliant
To run like I used to
To overcome chronic pain and old injuries
To fit into my old clothes
To control the effects of diabetes, high blood     pressure, heart problems or obesity
To recover from surgery
To become a participant vs. a spectator
To interact with my grandchildren

Know Your Coach

Dr. Brad Lustick - age 56
Holistic Wellness Coaching
Certified Personal Fitness Training

An accident related back injury led to my retirement from a long, successful chiropractic back pain and wellness practice. Later, at age 51, my health was further challenged by a heart arrhythmia leading to severe congestive heart failure. Today, I am healthy and fit. After years of helping others in a clinical setting, I personally had to conquer my own serious physical limitations and obstacles to wellness. Ive since created the "My O-W-N Fit Life Program" to be a comprehensive and scientifically sound approach to helping others overcome obstacles to reaching their own health and fitness goals - more info

The Fountain Of Youth

Ponce de Leon searched for the "fountain of youth" but never found it. He was looking in the wrong place. The power to feel youthful throughout our lives is Gods intention and exists within all of us. Researchers in life prolongation have determined that our bodies were designed to live and be sexually active for 130 years. The process of rebuilding a healthy, nimble body to assure longevity begins in the mind. You must conceive it and believe it to achieve it. Be assured that the power to do so is within your grasp. Begin a quest to renew yourself and obtain a vibrant, youthful state of well-being. You may not be a fitness fanatic, and the thought of living like a health nut to age 100+ may not be what you fancy. However, everyone wants to feel good and live with gusto. Your valiant effort will entitle you to do so. Wed love to help you be well and fit.